Favorite videos

Google Self Driving Car Project March 2016

By Chris Urmson, Leader of Google Self-Driving Car Project

Solve For X Lecture on Google’s Driverless Cars May 2013

Good introduction to  the Google driverless car, although with little new information for those who have been following the topic for a longer time.


Thrun Guest Lecture Oct 2012

Updated presentation about the Google driverless car. First 20 minutes mostly driving videos, technical details starting approximately at 21:30min. Highly recommended!


Israel Military Industries Autonomous Vehicle PR video

How Google’s self driving car works

(Keynote Presentation at IROS 2011 by Thrun and Urmson, part 2 of 3 (see also: part 1, part 3)

Google drives interest in driverless cars

(ABC News, October 2010)

Driverless car goes to the limits

(Presented at TED conference, March 2011)

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