Convoys of self-driving trucks for the military

Since 2012 Lockheed Martin has been working on an autonomous driving kit for military trucks. An early but already quite impressive version has been demonstrated in January at Fort Hood, Texas. The ‘Automous Mobility Applique System’ can be quickly fitted to most tactical vehicles. It contains sensors – including a rotating 3D LIDAR and actuators to control the various car components. At the demonstration, several autonomous trucks drove in convoy mode, negotiated obstacles and had to dynamically re-plan their route.The system seems to be capable of negotiating some traffic including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Although the demonstration was impressive, there was no word on when the technology would be available in the field. Another demonstration is scheduled for later this year. The demonstration clearly shows that military is determined to make use of this technology and that military applications may not lag far behind the civilian.


Source: Lockheed Martin

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