Proceedings of the Automated Vehicles Symposium available online

This year’s Automated Vehicles Symposium took place in San Francisco in mid-July. Most presentations are available in PDF format with some notable exceptions (both presentations by Google and one by Daimler are not available). The presentations provide a wide range of insights into thoughts of the auto industry and policy makers. I recommend the presentations from Bosch (Tue), Department of Energy (Thur) and theCalifornia Department of Motor Vehicles (Thur).

Many presentations reported statistical insights about attitudes toward autonomous vehicles, autonomous driving etc. Unfortunately, such data is not reliable to any degree because the attitudes are likely to change significantly as the technology matures and awareness about the technology increases.

Level 3 automation was still a major topic. But a quick poll among the participants seemed to indicate that the majority of participants now believe that full autonomy (level 4) is the way to go.

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